Yoga for couples

Yoga for Couples

  • Touch is a core component of any romantic relationship. Touch binds us together in more than just the obvious sexual way. When we touch someone, we are exchanging energy. Touch allows our auras to blend together. Touch is a comfortable uniting force between lovers. It allows two individuals to become one. Couple yoga exercises help this union extend beyond the physical to the spiritual plane through centering the partner’s energy through concentrated touch.
  • Begin standing facing each other, approximately four feet apart, with feet shoulder width apart, and palms folded prayer style at heart center. Look into each other’s eyes as you take a deep breath inhale, and raise your palms above your head. Close your eyes, stretch back, arching your spine, and then open them and look in your partner’s eyes again when returned to straight standing position. Bend forward, with your head just next to your partner’s head. Press your palms to the floor, with the pinky of your hand linking your partner’s thumb. Allow your cheeks to press together and hold the pose, hands linked, and cheeks together. Step back with your left leg as your partner steps back with his/her right. Keep your left arm inside his/her right as you stretches up, looking in your partner’s eyes. Move into the plank position, and as you do, move your body back slightly so that you are just a breath apart, but able to look each other straight on. Move into the cobra pose, and look into your partner’s eyes. Rise back into plank position, and bring your left leg forward as your partner brings forward his right. Interlock pinkies-thumbs again and again press your cheeks together. Bring both legs together and rise up, again closing your eyes as you stretch back and then linking your eyes again with your partner as you stand facing each other in your original position. Repeat this series with each of you switching lead legs.