Teachers Training

Yoga in Delhi NCR, offers Yoga Alliance registered Teacher Trainings Course (TTC) in India, in 3 attractive locations: the beaches of Delhii for part-time seekers. All 3 choices are an enticing place to study Yoga.

This course has several unique aspects that you will not find in other programs.

We believe that you have the potential and knowledge to reach where you want. Our role is to help you unfold your potential. We do not teach “our” style of Yoga: we help you discover your style through a coaching approach. The program aims at transforming experienced Yoga practitioners into Yoga Teachers through learning, teaching and self-realization of your true potential.

Exclusive points

  • Select group: 20-25 participants on the course. 
  • Course located next to the residence and temple of His Holiness The Dalai Lama.
  • An ‘intense’ training requiring 100% attendance of full and honest participation.
  • Review all the basics of Yoga and a chance to develop a style of your own.
  • A unique opportunity for self-inquiry through progressively increasing practice and teaching. 
  • For motivated and determined student, opportunities are offered at the end of the program.
  • A specifically design 150+ page-training manual.