About us

Yoga in Delhi NCR started with intention of spreading massage and  health and well being.Today, CORPORATE YOGA CLASSES Yoga in Delhi NCR facilitates progressive yogic wisdom through dynamic yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and other innovative mind-body workshops, touching and healing many lives. As a leading provider of yoga training in India, The Yoga in Delhi NCRTeachers Training courses held twice every year have empowered individuals from all walks of life to become yoga experts. The Yoga in Delhi NCR certified Yoga Acharyas then go back to their regions across the globe to spread the Yoga in Delhi NCR style of new-age yoga combined with ancient yogic philosophy and technique.

The Yoga in Delhi NCR CORPORATE YOGA CLASSES welcomes you to their studio to experience yoga classes conducted in a vibrant and friendly space where you can have fun, relax yet be disciplined and take away pearls of precious yogic wisdom. In a Yoga in Delhi NCR class, we go beyond the physical and help you explore your potential by expanding your mind and consciousness.

Yoga in Delhi NCR programs have been successfully running  India for the last 10 years. Our sessions include training in six kriyas, various asanas, pranayamas, meditation as well as specialized programs & workshops, such as yoga classes, couples yoga and kids yoga workshops and weekend workshops. Yoga in Delhi NCR has created new and innovative programs (such as corporate yoga, stress management and teambuilding) by combining the knowledge and methodology of management and health approaches. Yoga in Delhi NCR also introduced ‘sports yogis’, a program to fulfill the requirements of the athletes and various sports persons.

What sets Yoga in Delhi NCR classes apart is the focus on listening to our clients, so as to impart a session which exactly meets your requirements. Yoga in Delhi NCR also caters to clients who would like to learn from home due to time constraints or other issues.